Baton Rouge Flood Rehabilitation

After the historic Baton Rouge flood during the summer of 2016, Mayer Building Company was pleased to help a family member rebuild his home. Though there are countless stories like these, we wanted to share some information about little bit of work we accomplished in the tide of the overwhelming need for work in the area. We were able to send New Orleans forces to quickly gut and demolish the flood damaged parts of the Tiger Bend home. We provided full line item estimates for the home owner for his use with insurance and impact mitigation peace of mind. When it came time to rebuild, we worked hand in hand with the homeowner who performed much of the rebuilding himself. We secured a design by Holly Baker for putting the pieces back together. We installed doors and trim and cabinets and a new ceiling and lights in the kitchen. We installed new windows and siding in select areas. We installed tile and grout. We gave discounts and tried our best to provide clear correspondence and a listening ear. We tried to give our best guidance and shared opinions. I mention these last items because, in a way, it is typical of what we do as a great general contractor, but given the sensitive nature of the project (i.e. the client was not planning a renovation); it also made me realize that I have work to do on those very things. Listening and understanding the client’s concerns are really the utmost best thing a good contractor ought to do. I know this family is pleased to be back in their home after such a devastating event, and I’m glad we could help them get there. I’m also glad for the reminder to try to walk in someone else’s shoes.



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