The Trends Driving Mixed-Use Development

Mixed-use developments are one of the fastest-growing areas of real estate development. They are essential parts of communities, providing places where people can live, work, shop, and meet other lifestyle needs within a single neighborhood. The rise in mixed-use development is not an anomaly. There are a few key reasons developers are building more mixed-use […]

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Tips for a Successful Office Renovation

The inside of a Woodforest Bank branch

At some point, you’ll look around your office and realize that it’s old and outdated. When this happens, you should start thinking about renovating your space to make it more functional and modern. A renovation can be a large undertaking, so you should take a few precautions to make sure that each stage of the […]

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Considerations Before Opening Your Second Restaurant Location

The idea of opening a second restaurant location can be daunting. You may wonder if your initial victories can be replicated, or if you can translate your first restaurant’s atmosphere to the new spot. Consider these tips as you start weighing the potential of a new restaurant location. Location, Location, Location A restaurant’s location can […]

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MBC’s Magazine Street Project in City Business

Home / Breaking News / Renovation Report: Aging Magazine Street buildings get facelift Renovation Report: Aging Magazine Street buildings get facelift By: CityBusiness staff reports October 29, 2019 Link To City Bisiness Report An addition to one of the buildings. Photo courtesy Fred Goodrow Sr.   Project description: Mixed-use/historic renovation at 3616-18 Magazine St. and mixed-use addition and renovation at 3624-26 Magazine […]

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Colectivo tells the French Truck Coffee Poydras Project Story

Colectivo tells the French Truck Coffee Poydras Project Story here. Project Summary: We worked with/convinced the French Truck team to carve a 2-story hole at the base of the 650 Poydras tower for a new coffee shop! The intervention softens a sharp edge of a hard building on teeming street, and provide a perch for coffee […]

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Three Ways to Keep Your Brick and Mortar Business Relevant

Yes, we are open sign at a brick and mortar business location

The times are always changing, and your business should be too. To stay connected with evolving consumer needs, brick and mortar businesses need to go beyond the conventional idea of a store. Below are three ways to help your business compete with digital retailers. Be More Technologically Aware Keeping up to date with new technology […]

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The Advantages of Hiring a Small, Local Contracting Firm

A team of people painting a home's interior

When clients use larger contracting firms, it’s not uncommon for them to sometimes feel pushed aside or taken advantage of. This is why using a smaller, local contracting firm can provide a boost in both the quality and quantity of attention a project will receive. Here are a few other reasons clients can trust local […]

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Maintaining Brand Relevance During a Renovation

A construction worker on a lifted scaffold

Many consumers consider convenience a top-level priority in their purchase decisions. When that convenience is compromised, they may begin to question their brand loyalty and look to alternatives instead. That’s why maintaining a transparent, speedy product or service is critical to keeping the business-client relationship positive. Here are four best practices for maintaining your brand’s […]

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How Clean Paperwork Benefits Customers

Closeup of the edge of open book pages

Strong organizational skills are critical to the success of any business, including those offering contractor services. Being organized can also have an enormous impact on customer satisfaction. When paperwork is excessive, overly complex, and disorganized, important items get lost, time gets wasted, and customers face needless hassle and confusion. Here’s how having clean paperwork practices […]

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