Historic Roof & Facade Renovation of the Rice Building

Mayer Building Company is pleased to announce the successful completion of a major historic roof, façade and masonry renovation of 227-233 Decatur Street, otherwise known as the Rice Building, on behalf of Capital One Bank, NA. Photographs by Anne Finney.

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Small Commercial Kitchen Improvements

Every now and again, old New Orleans restaurants, like Johnny’s Po Boy, need preventative maintenance. Mayer Building Company fabricated, furnished and installed stainless steel kitchen cladding, shelving, bracketing for the kitchen and two steel posts for the fountain. Planned and fabricated off-site, the components for these minor improvements were installed after hours without disrupting the steady business of this storied sandwich shop.

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Masonry Repairs Uptown

At the unique brick and iron apartment building on the corner of Jackson & Camp, Mayer Building Company completed a masonry waterproofing service call. The project (3 day completion) consisted of removing a significant section of the old brick façade and re-assembling it plumb and true. As this process was underway, we re-established the mortar joints, added new tie-back clips, and sealed up the brick-to-aluminum joints.

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Barroom Bathroom Improvements

Because of our continued relationship with XPB Lockers & Supply , the contractor renovating the bathrooms in a tavern in the Riverbend found us and engaged us to furnish and install the stainless steel bathroom accessories and partitions.

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Emergency Repairs at Lush Cosmetics

Between French Quarter Fest & Jazz Fest, Lush Cosmetics on Decatur had a roof leak that caused damage on all three floors of the nineteen century masonry building. Mayer Building Company responded to the call on Day One. We were able to make the repairs for this major producer for Lush in three and half days time. (One day before we projected, actually). Lush is back in business. Not only will they be ready for Jazz Fest, they will be ready for the upcoming Friday and Saturday Whiskey & Perfume Tasting, Lush’s Perfume Gallery Experience.

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Pontchartrain Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

Mayer Building Company completed in April 2013 an overhaul of a portion of the Pontchartrain Orthopedics and Sports Medicine clinic in Metairie. The work, which was performed while the clinic was in operation was phased. Phase 1 included the renovation of the “Cast Room,” an addition of a new storage room, a new billing office and conference room. Each of these rooms was decorated in the contemporary mode with monochromatic paints and millwork, a matching base and resilient floor.

Phase 2 included expanding the Physical Therapy Room to a more open arrangement with new clean, modern ceiling tiles and grid, matching a durable, but attractive carpet tile and building four new exam rooms, a new ADA bathroom and updating the main reception and the staff”s break room.

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French Quarter Realty Office Build Out

Prior to “Super Bowl Week” 2013, Mayer Building Company delivered a sleek, modern satellite office for our client, French Quarter Realty. This interior renovation included replacing an aged unused gallery space at 713 Royal Street, with a new polished office and sales space for the Vieux Carre’s premier real estate house.

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Little School Roof & Cladding Repairs

At the St. Martin’s Episcipol Church in Old Metairie, we made improvements to the cladding on the back of the church above the Little School. Some portions of the existing roof and cladding were leaking and we removed and replaced the old plywood with new fiber-cementious panels. We also replaced an attic hatch and wimpy lean-to arrangement with new strongback framing and a new fiberglass door.

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Elevator Interiors Improvements

In February 2013, Mayer Building Company conveyed interior improvements to the two (2) Pier 8 Condominium elevators at the West End complex. The updates included re-cladding the elevator’s interior with polished diamond plate steel and removing to old VCT floor to install a new super heavy-duty oil resistant Johnsonite rubber floor.

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