French Quarter Realty Office Build Out

Prior to “Super Bowl Week” 2013, Mayer Building Company delivered a sleek, modern satellite office for our client, French Quarter Realty. This interior renovation included replacing an aged unused gallery space at 713 Royal Street, with a new polished office and sales space for the Vieux Carre’s premier real estate house.

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Bourbon House Build-Out

Mayer Building Company conveyed a small expansion at Dickie Brennan’s Bourbon House on December 21st 2012 in time for their Christmas rush. The project was unveiled for lunch service on the day of the New Orleans Bowl. It included converting an unused room, essentially an oversized janitor’s closet, into a full service Bourbon Bar, replete with custom cypress and glass millwork.

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Exterior Improvements on Barracks

Mayer Building Company was hired to replace three failing casement windows, reduce an old brick fence and brick columns, replace cypress weatherboard, and rebuild an historic stoop at a residence on Barracks Street downtown. The nature of this work, like so many other Mayer jobs, dealt with delivering high-end, historic work that is also built to last.

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Double to Single Conversion

On Dumaine Street In Mid City, Mayer Building Company performed a relatively simple conversion of a front and back double to a single. In keeping with the Craftsman style, we installed milled banding around the door frames, employed salvaged New Orleans cypress doors and recycled rim locks. We also installed a massive built-in bookshelf and storage cabinet that was salvaged from another Mayer Building Co project.

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Rental Property Renovation

Mayer Building Company performed a three week renovation of a 1920s shotgun double on renown street Grand Route St. John this summer.

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Pirate’s Alley Project

historic renovation

Mayer Building Company completed a major renovation of a private condominum on Pirate’s Alley in the Spring of 2012. This job was challenging but very successful.

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622-24 Burgundy

Burgundy Detail

Mayer Building Company delivered a full finish renovation and exterior repairs during the summer.

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1226 Dauphine

Historic Work

After Mayer Building Company’s renovation of this historic late 1840s home, 1226 Dauphine has been called “the jewel of the Quarter,” by the leading real estate company in the Vieux Carre.

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Decatur Historic Renovation

Mayer Builders delivered 1305 Decatur, a major historic renovation in the French Quarter.

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