Maintaining Brand Relevance During a Renovation

Many consumers consider convenience a top-level priority in their purchase decisions. When that convenience is compromised, they may begin to question their brand loyalty and look to alternatives instead. That’s why maintaining a transparent, speedy product or service is critical to keeping the business-client relationship positive. Here are four best practices for maintaining your brand’s relevance during the renovation process.

Acknowledge the Difficulties Presented by Renovations

A construction worker on a lifted scaffold

You’ve finally decided to pull the trigger on some long-overdue renovations. It’s an exciting time for your business, but maybe not so much for your customers who might not be ready for change. If you want to avoid frustration on both sides, it’s best to be as upfront about timelines and expected delays as you can. If clients know what lies ahead and what they can expect in their dealings, this will help ensure smoother interactions. Posting simple infographics around the building or on social platforms and calmly answering any customer questions will also help establish the transparency your customers may want.

Find a Crew Willing to Accommodate You

Many of the headaches of renovating can be avoided if your contractor is willing to work within your given timelines. Perhaps you own business operating Monday through Friday and closing in the early evening. In that case, you might be able to negotiate that the crew works on weekends or after closing time, but this depends on the contractor or firm you choose to complete the project. Sure, you’ll still have customers coming in and out of a building under construction, but your normal operation will not change.

Reward Your Customers with a Sale

It never hurts to remind your clients that they matter to you. What better way to foster that sentiment than offering a sale to offset any ill feelings towards your renovation? This option comes with the upside of potentially attracting new customers to your business. Not only will new and existing customers see that you’re making efforts to expand and improve your operations, but they’ll also get a sweetener in the deal.

At Mayer Building Company, we have the experience to guide you from start to finish for your business renovation needs. We can provide you with all the perks of a large contractor with none of the hassle. We thoroughly document all work and have a talented staff prepared to get creative with your builds. If your company is ready to begin a much-needed renovation, give us a call today at (504) 315-8423 to propose a commercial construction project.


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