Three Ways to Keep Your Brick and Mortar Business Relevant

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The times are always changing, and your business should be too. To stay connected with evolving consumer needs, brick and mortar businesses need to go beyond the conventional idea of a store. Below are three ways to help your business compete with digital retailers.

Be More Technologically Aware

Keeping up to date with new technology that’s relevant to your industry is an easy way to maintain your client base. Capitalizing on technological advancements can help businesses attract clients in new, exciting ways. Self-checkout stations that save returning customers’ account information can reduce the time they spend waiting in line. Beacons at the front of a store can also send coupons and product recommendations directly to shoppers’ phones. Some businesses have already begun using virtual reality and augmented reality to entice shoppers with a new way of browsing and interacting with products.

Design Unique Store Layouts and Storefronts

To compete with businesses that rely on e-commerce, brick and mortar stores are changing how consumers view and purchase products. Designing a showroom that encourages customer interaction lets them test out items before purchasing them. Offline businesses should also consider alternatives to traditional storefronts. Pop-ups and other mobile locations are becoming more common because they require less of an upfront investment, which reduces overhead. Others have even begun rebranding entirely by opening spinoff boutiques that are hyper-focused on the tastes of their core customers.

Make Your Customers Feel Special

To stay relevant, your business should consider adding a level of personalization. Embracing custom products is one way to build customer loyalty. Giving them the option of purchasing customized products in-store as well as online can take your business a step beyond what people expect. For example, a retailer can let a customer try on a pair of shoes to ensure that they fit perfectly. Then, they can make adjustments to the shoe’s color and sole thickness to meet the client’s specifications. Competing with businesses that only operate online can seem like a daunting challenge, but catering to the tastes of your clients can help you be more competitive.

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