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Window Repairs & Other Miscellaneous Improvements

Mayer Building Company can take on the small jobs around your home. This February, Mayer Building Company was hired and sucessfully delivered three small jobs for homeowners before 2013 Carnival.

  • In Old Metairie, we removed and replaced seven window panes in a brick and wood house whose three and five year old inhabitants are enthused to be learning baseball and football.  The job also included replacing a new Spanish Cedar bottom rail to one of the more affected windows. We hope this client  is a repeat client as soon the boys will be into basketball and soccer.
  • In Faubourg St. John, we performed some minor modifications to the layout by removing an existing partition, door, transom, and frame and installing a new header and cased opening. The owner and his new bride-to-be have now have a contemporary open kitcen, a fresh coat of paint and space much more condusive to Jazz Fest parties. We expect this client is a repeat client as the bacherlorhood decor ebbs and the gentler tastes are introduced.
  • In Old Metairie, we performed a day’s worth of work on two roof dormers, removing the dilapidated shiplap weatherboards and installing a fiber cement siding. We painted the work to match the rest of the house and we know this client WON’T need any repeat service up there as the product installed can not rot!



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