Getting Ready for Reactivation and “New-Normal” Improvements

As we approach a post-pandemic economy, Mayer Building Company is hoping to help businesses get ready to open.

We are ready to provide a quick quote for you and your facility to get ready to re-open.

We can and will provide rapidly produced proposals to include all or some of  the following:


  • Cleaning/ Disinfecting per CDC guidelines with qualified local partners.
  • Air conditioning filter replacements and tune-ups.
  • Landscaping to control the overlooked and overgrown flora.
  • Sneeze guards


  • Adding automatic door openers.
  • Integration of smart technology, access, security improvements.
  • Changing out the drinking fountains for bottle fillers.
  • Adding permanent hand wash stations (simple or custom).
  • New filtration systems (air & water).

Health & Behavioral Care

In this vital industry, Mayer Building Company has experience and familiarity with a wide range of different types of clinics and each’s specific needs. Whether your doctor’s office, clinic, surgery center or other health institution is closed or open, the Mayer team can provide a fast-tracked proposal to address your current re-activation or improvement needs.

Cafes/ Restaurants/ Bars

The needs of the food service industry can be met and prepared for quickly and cheaply as many establishments already include many of what will be considered safe practices and appurtenances.

Like us, the restaurateurs of the world will be striving to keep and develop customers and keeping things clean and safe. Can Mayer Building Company provide a quick jump-start to the process for you?


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