Historic Building Renovation Services

Mayer Building Company is dedicated to providing historic building renovation services that bring about much-needed improvements while preserving the historical integrity of each property. Along with renovating properties, our list of capabilities also includes bid preparation, permit expediting, and on-site progress meetings. Feel free to contact us at (504) 315-8423 or fill out our contact form for inquiries, to schedule an appointment, or to request a bid.

Our Historic Building Renovation Experience

Our past historic building renovations have included wood and iron balcony replacements in the French Quarter and salvaging brickwork, baseboards, floors, and doors. Specific full historic projects include single and multi-family French Quarter residences. We have had success with commercial and residential historic tax credit projects. Explore some of our work below.

The exterior of a school building designed by Mayer Building Company in New Orleans, LA


During the summer break of 2018, Mayer Building Company completed two separate but equally important improvement projects for Trinity School on Jackson Avenue. At the “Pink House” Mayer design/built a replacement of an historic porch, gallery and roof along with all of its architectural ornamentation. At the elementary school Mayer Building Company, LLC successfully completed a revamp of the corridor finishes, doors, ceilings, electrical and plumbing (in the bathrooms). Thanks to close owner input, Mayer Building Company, LLC was able to complete each of these large projects before the class bell rang.

A historical home converted into a mixed-used space by Mayer Building Company in New Orleans, LA


In July, Mayer Building Company, LLC completed the work at 4901-03 Magazine Street. The major renovation on the corner of Magazine and Upperline consisted of converting an unused, decrepit Victorian 4plex into a stunning mixed-used rehabilitation. Upstairs there are two apartments for rent with balconies and galleries that face the parade route. Downstairs is a new office space customized to the real estate company moving in. We salvaged the floors, doors, baseboards, brickworks, and hardware (when possible). The major challenge of this project included prosecuting this salvage and re-use effort at the same time as abiding by Historic Tax Credit requirements (federal and state) the local Historic District Landmarks Commission requirements, the City of New Orleans Safety & Permits requirements, the Louisiana State Fire Marshal requirements and all the International Building Codes governing the same. Oh yeah, and we had to fit in air-conditioning, ADA and life safety requirements and new plumbing and electrical. Whew.

A historic home turned into a unique office space by Mayer Building Company in New Orleans, LA


In the spring of 2018, Mayer Building Company, LLC completed an office/ historic project for Windy Hill Pictures, a New Orleans film production company. The work at 5707 Magazine Street, formerly Blue Fog Chocolates included finishes, mechanical and electrical and facade renovations. We salvaged the old pine floors, old wood windows, exposed the old masonry and created a new dynamic office space that replaced the “slat-wall decor” of the chocolate retailer. We updated the ceilings and bath and breakrooms and installed new HVAC, lighting, and plumbing systems. We built Windy Hill a block and stucco planter and repaired the old facade openings and shutters.

A balcony in the French Quarter that was replaced by Mayer Building Company in New Orleans, LA


In July 2018, Mayer Building Company, LLC removed and replaced the VCC governed balcony and repainted the windows and shutters for the Creole Orleans Condo Association on Barracks Street. Mayer Building Company, LLC may be growing, but the historic-work roots of this company still help us secure and produce good, competitive work

A commercial roof deck that was completed by Mayer Building Company in New Orleans, LA

Roof Deck for Inlow Guitars

During the fall of 2017, Mayer Building Company, LLC took on a hodgepodge of work for Inlow Guitars. The company, which is housed in a historic building at 1800 Hastings housing, had been left in the lurch by a dubious contractor the previous year with structural elements in question, a leaking roof and an incomplete guitar shop build out. Mayer Building Company was hired to complete structural wood and steel elements including plated tie-backs near the parapet, replace and warrant the roof, add a bitchin’ roof deck and tidy up some loose ends in the guitar shop. Below find a few shots of the roof deck and the views.

A home that needed small updated completed by Mayer Building Company in New Orleans, LA

Small Renovations/Improvements

Mayer Building Company, LLC completed a number of small projects recently. We completed a termite repairs and window replacement in an old building on Royal Street. We replicated an HDLC protected wood rail at a roof deck gallery on a manor house in the Lower Garden District. We built a new gallery overlooking St. Charles Avenue on an underused front facade Uptown on the Streetcar line. Here’s a quote from one of the owners, “I wanted everyone to know that the floor replacement work done by Ryan’s crew is amazing! Ryan, I can’t thank you enough for your attention to detail when replacing and refinishing the floor boards. It is literally impossible to distinguish the old wood from the new. GREAT JOB!!!”

A balcony in the French Quarter where Mayer Building Company in New Orleans, LA completed preventative maintenance

French Quarter Preventative Maintenance

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A graphic promoting New Orleans Reno on HGTV where Mayer Building Company in New Orleans, LA was featured

HGTV: New Orleans Reno with Holly Baker

During the summer of 2016, Mayer Building Company, LLC delivered two top-notch residential renovations for New Orleans Reno. The TV shows aired this January. The work included a high-end renovation of half of a shotgun double in the Bywater and a kitchen/dining/living room update Uptown near Tchoupitoulas. The construction work was fast-paced, but diligently performed by our staff and subcontractors and vendors. The production team was a pleasure to work with and we hope to be making more shows for Holly Baker, RTR Media, and HGTV soon.

Historic Mid City rental property renovated by Mayer Building Company in New Orleans, LA

Investment Property Updates

At the end of January 2017, Mayer Building Company, LLC completed some minor interior and exterior improvements for a duplex in the charming Parkview neighborhood of Mid-City. The work included exterior carpentry and paint repairs, general cleaning of the facades, garden and paving, and finishes renovations to the two bedroom apartments. We updated both bathrooms with cultured marble surrounds and new steel tubs and shower valves. We restored an old Art Deco vanity light, upgraded a tile counter top to a granite one, patched in an antique wood floor, swapped many of the appliances for new, salvaged antique door hardware, and replaced light fixture.


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