Mignon Faget – Flagship

In time for Black Friday, Mayer Building Company delivered the expanded and renovated new Mignon Faget flagship located in Lakeside Mall. The project included an expanded “footprint” within the mall creating the need for an over sized glass storefront and entry. The project also  new architectural forms throughout the ceilings and walls, displays and check out. With Mignon Faget’s storied history in New Orleans and with Mignon Faget’s secure place in the prestigious status of New Orleans brands, MBC understood that this project was going to be special. MBC’s efforts enhanced the new re-branding of Mignon Faget and brought its place-making to life. The walls, ceilings, display cases and sign band of the showroom swirl about like the waters surrounding our hometown and the new displays exemplify modern fine jewelry showcasing. A major challenge of the project was sourcing  a cladding for the exterior storefront for the rounded and curved shapes that fit within the time frame of the project. A closer look at most contemporary interior mall storefronts preclude “curv-able” materials like gypsum or paneling. Most contemporary storefronts are clad in stone or pre-fabricated metal panels. Works great with right angles, but these parts do not bend or curve. We ending up field fabricating raw metal sheeting to create the wavy storefront. Overall, the what made this project the success that it was, was close co-operation with the owner’s representative Maghan Oroszi. Maghan took the role of facilitator and with her experience building other Mignon Faget stores guiding us, architect, other vendors and landlord to the successful opening of this true New Orleans sparkler.


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