Southern Yacht Club Repairs

It is with great pleasure I write this project post. I’ve long respected and from time to time had membership access to this storied club on the shore’s of my youth’s great playground, Lake Pontchartrain. Though the work was uncomplicated, I was humbled to price and win this work for the Southern Yacht Club. In the early summer of 2020, we were tasked with: Pressure washing  exterior of mechanical platform, painting the columns and exterior face of concrete deck.  At the balconies, we re-fastened the existing deck board and scribed  some of the of deck boards at the separating areas. We prepped and painted the exposed concrete face at all balconies/ galleries. My favorite part included sanding and scraping flagpole mast & rig, welding on and adding a few parts and rigging to the arrangement and coating it in an exterior industrial enamel.



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